Pre-Departure Checklist

Tuition Fees

International students are advised to be fully aware of the tuition fees and other administrative charges and fees of the college before departing from their home countries.

A copy of the latest fee structure is available from the City University International Marketing Office or from City University’s representatives.


International students are advised to carry approximately RM500 to RM1000 in cash to cover expenses in Malaysia for the first one or two weeks. Students should also bring other funds to be drawn in Ringgit either in the form of bank draft of via electronic transfer in a bank account in Malaysia.

*Bank clearance may take one week for electronic transfers, and 3-4 weeks for bank drafts
*It is more convenient to transfer funds electronically when depositing large sums of money into bank accounts.
*The Ringgit Malaysia (RM) is the basic unit of exchange. Both paper notes and coins are used.

Health History

It is advisable for international students to obtain doctor’s advice on the type of medications necessary and required immunizations that had been given in the past. International students are also advised to be aware of the medications that he or she is allergic to. Having a document that details one’s health history with oneself may prove to be helpful.

Climate & Clothing

The average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius at daytime. Annual rainfall is heavy at 2500mm (100 inches).

Do expect relatively high humidity at 80% throughout the year. Students are advised to wear light colours and sweat absorbent materials such as cotton for daily dressing.

Electrical Goods

Electric supply is on a 240-volt 50-cycle system. Please ensure that the electrical goods from your country are compatible to use in Malaysia.

Passport Renewal

Before leaving the country for Malaysia, please check to ensure that your passport is current, with at least 12 months’ validity. Passport renewal may take several months. You are advised to apply for renewal at least 2 months before the expiry date to avoid inconveniences.


Living Expenses

Approximate RM15,000 per year


• International students may request for off-campus accommodation and transportation assistance. It can be arranged by informing your request at least one (1) month before arrival. 
• For further inquiries please consult your International Marketing Officer.



Immigration Policies for International Students

All International students are required to comply with policies set by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Please adhere strictly to the requirements to minimize delay or other problems that may arise. A passport or travel document with minimum one and half year (18 months) validity is required to come into the country. You need to obtain an approval letter from the Malaysian Immigration Department prior to entering 
the country.

You are to send all the necessary documentation to the relevant authority to apply for your student pass/visa (this will be applied for by the university on your behalf). The whole process will take 6 to 8 weeks. Once approved, the Immigration Department of Malaysia will send you a Visa Approval Letter (VAL). You are required to seek advice from the nearest Malaysian Embassy, High Commission or mission for applying and obtaining an entry visa.

Please note that the VAL is valid for only three (3) months.

Upon receiving your entry visa, you are to inform the University seven (7) working days prior to departing from your country. Bring along a copy of the VAL. Representatives of the University will meet you at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and assist you in processing your entry visa at the Immigration checkpoint. Please submit your passport to the International Student Services to obtain your student visa sticker as soon as possible, preferably the day after arrival.

Social/Tourist Pass

It is illegal to study in Malaysia under a social/tourist pass. A Special Pass is granted at the discretion of the Director-General of Immigration or person acting on his behalf. The Director-General has the right to reject any Special Pass application without giving any reason. 

Transfer Students from Other Colleges

Students who wish to change colleges after they have received their student visa will need to obtain approval from the Immigration authorities. 
Any transfer student who wishes to study in City U has to cancel his/her visa from the previous college. We advise such students to submit all the relevant documentations to our visa department and leave the country. Students are to come in once they obtain the VAL from the Immigration Department. Students holding a valid pass under one college are not allowed to study in another.

Not Allowed to Work with Student Pass

Please bear in mind that International Students are not allowed to work in Malaysia during their course of study. They are also not to engage in any kind of business activities directly or indirectly. Anyone found doing so will be deported immediately.


Extension of Student Pass

Bring your passport to International Office (IO) at least 60 days (approximately 2 months) before the expiry date of your student pass for processing. If students do not comply with the 60 days' renewal period, an administrative cost will be charged according to the number of days before the passport expires. All International Students must have valid insurance before applying for student pass renewal.

No of days before expiry date        Admin charges (RM)
Less than 24 hour                               100
Less than 24 hours                              100 + student must be present at Immigration

Fill up the student pass and Immigration forms provided by IO Officer. The supporting documents that you need to provide are:
• 1 passport-sized photograph 
• Receipt of tuition fee payment (one year's fees for a one year student pass) 
• Receipt of medical insurance payment 
• Immigration fee for student pass (the fee varies from country to country)

Overall, it takes about 1 month to process the application.

The APPROVAL of renewal is subject to: 
• Passport - Student passport should have at least 1½ year (18 months) validity. 
• Attendance - Student must have an attendance of equal to or more than 95% on first renewal and 80% on subsequent renewal. 
• In addition, those who are absent for 3 consecutive days in class must provide a valid reason to Immigration. 
• Academic results - Student must have a minimum of CGPA: 2.00 (Cumulative Grade Point Average) 
• Anyone having less than CGPA: 2.00 will have to write an appeal letter to the Immigration. (An appeal is granted only once) 
• The Immigration has the right to cancel student pass based on poor academic results and attendance



Less than 7 days

• Student must write a letter to the Immigration explaining why the student did not renew the student pass
• Student must be present at the Immigration Office with an IO representative to submit the application form
• Student will receive a warning letter from the Malaysian Immigration Department
• Any penalties incurred are to be borne by the student


More than 7 days

• Student must write a letter to the Immigration explaining why the student did not renew the student pass 
• Student must be present at the Immigration Office with an IO representative to submit the application form 
• Immigration may detain a student for 14 days after he/she has overstayed for more than a week. Student would need to 
  pay the penalty of RM30.00 per day 
• Any penalties incurred are to be borne by the student 

Second offence

• A fine of RM10 000 plus and a jail term will be imposed 
• Any penalties incurred are to be borne by the student



Student withdrawing from their studies must report to the International Office (IO) one month prior to departure, fill up the withdrawal form and obtain the approval for the deposit refund. Students are to bring along a confirmed air ticket and a photocopy for Immigration processing. Student pass will be cancelled. Anyone failing to comply will result in ISSD lodging a Police report, notifying the Immigration Department and the Ministry of Higher Education to cancel the student pass. All document processing will take up to 2 months, after which the student will get a refund of personal bond & security deposit.


Students who defer studies will have their student pass cancelled. Student to report to International Office (IO) with confirmed ticket 3 weeks before departing. Get advice from IO before purchasing the ticket. Anyone failing to comply will result in IO lodging a Police report, notifying the Immigration Department and the Ministry of Higher Education to affect the cancellation of the student pass.


If you renew/change your passport, you are required to transfer your student pass to the new passport immediately. Your student pass will not be valid in the old passport. Bring your old and new passports to IO so that we can advise you on what to do. In the event you lose your passport, lodge a report at the nearest Police station and provide us with a copy of the report. Go to your Embassy/High Commission to make a new one. You are required to carry your passport at all times when you travel in Malaysia.