Pre-Arrival Procedure

STEP A: In Home Country

International student MUST provide City U International Marketing Office with the following information by email at least 5 working days before departure:

  • Date of Arrival
  • Time of Arrival
  • Flight name and number
  • Airport name i.e. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) or KLIA 2

Please avoid giving last minute notice and arriving during public holidays to avoid any inconveniences to all parties. 

City University shall not be held liable or responsible if students fail to adhere to the above requirement.

Before leaving for the airport, International Students are advised to double-check to ensure that he/ she brings along the following important documents:
  • Passport (with at least 12 months of validity)
  • Original copy of Visa Approval Letter or Valid Entry Visa

International Student may be required to fill in and complete the Malaysian Disembarkation Card, which may be distributed by the airline crew or at the airport.