Terms and Conditions for Enrolment


  1. All fees are payable in advance except for students who apply for monthly payment plan. Please see additional terms and conditions of Monthly Payment Plan.

  2. Full settlement of semester / term fexes is required upon registration or by the start date of semester / term and according to the due dates for subsequent semesters / terms.

  3. Enrolment will be subject to the student clearing his / her medical examination and for programmes related to Medical and Health Sciences, an interview with the relevant member / City University (City U), as listed in the Application Form.

  4. All payments are to be made in the form of bank draft, crossed cheque or telegraphic transfer to relevant Payee Name and bank account of City U listed in the Application Form.

  5. Fees paid are not refundable except in the circumstances set out below and provided that a request in writing for such refund is made to the Registrar: 

    (i). Application and Registration fee is neither refundable nor transferable except where a student is unsuccessful in the interview process or medical   examination as part of the enrolment procedure for Medical and Health Sciences programmes.

    (ii). Subject to paragraph (i) above, if a student withdraws from a programme before the commencement date of the semester / term, the fee for that programme will be fully refundable.

    (iii). Subject to paragraph (i) above, if a student is required to serve in National Service because his / her request for National Service deferral was rejected, he / she is eligible for only a pro-rated refund of fees paid.

    (iv). Subject to paragraph (i) above, if a student is offered and accepts a conditional offer of admission into the programme based on forecast results but elects to / is required to withdraw / discontinue the programme due to his / her official results not meeting entry requirements, the student will be eligible for only a pro-rated refund of fees paid. The pro-rated refund will be computed based on the number of weeks that has elapsed from the date of commencement of the semester / term to the date of the student’s official result notification to the Head of Programme and proportionate to the total number of weeks of the relevant semester / term. Refundable deposits will be refunded less any sums due to City U, if any.


  6. All payment of refunds shall be made payable to name of the parent / guardian / sponsor (if applicable), as specified in the Application Form.

  7. All refunds whether of fees, deposits or any other payments shall be free of interest and shall be subject to the right of set-off by City U against any fees or whatsoever payments due and owing to City U.

  8. There shall be no refund (save and except refundable deposits only) if a student is expelled from City U due to academic misconduct or disciplinary behaviour.

  9. For all semester / terms, all fees must be fully paid by the start date of semester / term. City U reserves the right to review the status of the student and to take such necessary action as it deems fit, including but not limited to the deregistration of subjects enrolled (auto drop), barring the student from classes and facilities, suspension, withholding of all examination results, certificates and records of the student.

  10. All fees are subject to annual revision.

  11. City reserves the right not to commence a class.