City U Info 

Q1. Can you tell me more about City U?

City U was found in April 1984. Registered with the Ministry of Education under the Former Education Act 1961, City U was known then as the Petaling Jaya Community College.It was established at a time when there was a growing awareness that the private sector needed to complement the nation effort.

City U was acquired by the Selia group in 1998 as part of the company's desire to be responsible corporate citizen. Under the new management, City U has extended its national cooperation with universities from England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, United States, Indonesia and several Malaysian public universities to cater for the expanding demand of various academic programmes.



Q2. Is CITY U recognised by the Government of Malaysia?

Yes. The achievement of City U can be measured in part by the recognition it has received from the National Accreditation Board or better known as Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA) in all its academic programmes. City U is also proud to have received recognition from distinguished universities around the world with which it has links or arrangements.



Q3. How can I obtain the Application form?

Generally there are three intakes per year, i.e. in January, May and September. However, you may apply at any time before the commencement date of the programme


Q4. How do I apply?

To apply for any programmes in City U, you just need to complete the only application form and to follow through all the given instructions (make sure to attach relevant documents). 


Q5. How many intakes are there? When can I apply?

The Admission Application Form is obtainable in 3 ways:

(i)     In person

-   The Admission Application Form can be collected from our City U campus.

(ii) Via Internet

  - You may also download the Admission Application Form from the University's website at and log in " Apply Now"

(iii) During City U Open Days / At City U booth during major Education Fairs / Roadshows

  You may check out City U activities in the local newspaper or log on to our facebook ( to know latest news of our where about at all major cities near you.


Q6. What documents are required for application?

You may be able to see all the information in our website at this link (International student Application Procedure)

Q7. Where do I submit my application?

The completed application form can be sent to our International Office (IO) at the following address:
City University , Menara City U, No .8, Jalan 51A/223, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia 


Programmes and Entry Requirements

Q8. How many courses does City U offers?

City U offers more than 50 academic courses in various fields. You may have a look at the list of our course at this links:
• Undergraduate programmes

• Postgraduate programmes

In addition there are three levels of Intensive English Programme:  Elementary, Intermediate and Advance .

Q9. What are the entry requirements?

For undergraduate programme, you may admit into the University through first Studying the Foundation programme or directly into the Bachelor course. The minimum entry requirements are as follows:



- O-Levels with three credits.
- International Baccalaureate (IB) with minimum 24 points.
- Other Qualifications recognised by the City U Senate.



- International Baccalaureate (IB) with minimum 24 points
- A- levels with at least C grade in 3 subjects.

Diploma from City U or other diploma recognized by MOHE with at least CGPA 2.00.
Other Qualifications recognised by the City U Senate.



- A Bachelor Degree in Business, Management, Marketing recognised by City U Senate and University of Ballarat (UOB) for dual degree programme.
 A good command of English Language and the candidate must aged around 25 years old by the time of application. 



- A recognised MBA degree approved by City U and UOB Senates (only application for dual programme with UOB). 
2 years working experience and a good command of English Language.


Payment of fees

Q10. What is the mode of payment of course fees?

Payments and tuition fees can be made as the followings instructions:-

1. Make your payment directly to the Department of Bursary Counter at City U campus

2. Payment can be made via Bank Draft payable to U.C.I Education Sdn Bhd or via City U Bank account: CIMB Bank Bhd

Account No: 8002295164



Q11. Will City U provide me with student visa?

Once documents have been completed, City U will apply for a student visa on behalf of the applicant. Then, a copy of the approval letter from the Malaysia Immigration department will be sent to the applicant.

Q12. How do I get the immigration clearance as a student?

Before a successful candidate is invited to register, we will send an offer letter where detailed of the immigration requirements and procedures will be stated. You are required to present the offer letter to the Embassy of Malaysia or its representative in your country, who will issue you a student visa.

Q13 What do I need to know about my visa?

Below is the list of some important information about student Pass/Visa

Student Pass: City U will apply for your student pass from Malaysia.

Letter from Malaysian Immigration: Upon approval of the Student Pass, City U will send you an approval letter from the Malaysia Immigration. For immigration clearance, you will need to produce this approval letter upon arrival at the airport.

Visa Requirement (if applicable): If the regulation in your country requires you to obtain an Entry Visa before leaving the country, you will have to make such application at the nearest Malaysia Embassy or Consulate Office. Otherwise, the student may proceed to Malaysia without a visa. However, a visa will be issued to you after you have arrived in Malaysia.

Conditions of applying for a Student Visa:

• Students must study full-time while in Malaysia
• Students must attend classes regularly. Absence from class for more than 3 days must be substantiated by a medical certificate.
• Students must cancel your student pass when you withdraw or defer your course at CITY U
• Students shall have to abide by all rules and regulations of CITY U
• Student passes may be withdrawn or cancelled if the student fails in his/ her studies or contravenes the regulations of CITY U
  or law of the Malaysian government.

Extending your visa

Students who need to renew their students pass have to apply to the Department of Visa Unit two (2) months in advance before the expiry date with the following documents:

• Passport
• Application for a student pass
• Pay all other related fees payable to the Malaysian Immigration.



Q14. Will I be provided with accommodation if I Study in City U?

There is no on-campus accommodation available at City U for its students. However, accommodations are available in residential areas around the campus and is reasonably priced and conveniently located close to the campus. The International Office (IO) is always available to assist you in every step of the way offering friendly advice and information to help you find the right place to live.

Q15. How much does it cost to live in Malaysia?

The daily living expenses depends on the needs and lifestyle of an individual. To ensure that students have enough financial provision applying for admission, we estimated the cost of accommodation, food, local travelling, living and other personal expenses for self-supporting single student to be at a minimum of RM 1,500 per month. 


Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya


RM450 ~ RM600


RM400 ~ RM1000


RM350 ~ RM500

Other Expenditure

RM300 ~ RM500


Airport pick-up

Q16. How do I arrange for airport pick-up?

Please inform the Department of International Office (IO) at least seven (7) days before your departure date. City U will arrange to meet you at the airport. The information required are the Date & Time of arrival as well as the Flight Number.

An IO officer from City U will receive you at the Airport Immigration clearance point. Please note that you will not be able to clear Immigration without the presence of City U Officer.


Medical Report 

Q17. When do I submit my medical report?

This Medical Report is compulsory for all NEW students and can be examined by any private or government doctors. Thereafter the completed Medical Form is to be submitted after City U issued the Conditional Offer Letter.


Contact Info 

Q18. How do I contact the International office?

The Department of International Office (IO) can be contacted by

email to 

call to (+603) 7949 1600

Fax: (+603) 7957 7721