*Terms & Conditions Apply

*For Local Malaysian Students Only



What is The Young Apprenticeship Programme?

The Young Apprenticeship Programme is designed to help you realise your dreams by preparing

you to be a role model. You will be exposed to real work situations, training, industry challenges

as well as skill building. We aspire to create quality apprentices with a set of useful skills,

preparing you for the real world. Rise above the rest and Sign Up Now!




Being “Book Smart” is only a start. 161,000 Malaysian

graduates aged between 20 and 24 years had yet to find

a job in 2015 because employers are unwilling to hire

graduates who lacks communication skills, experience

and general knowledge. 


Source: The Malaysian Insider & jobstreet.com




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 To apply for the scholarship 
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Financial Assistance

  • PTPTN (http://epinjaman.ptptn.gov.my)
  • Diploma: Min. SPM 3 credits including a pass in BM.
  • Degree: Min. SPM 5 Credits; STPM 2 principal passes; recognized Diploma.
  • PTPTN Application due dates: 15 February, 30 May, 15 July, and 30 October.
  • SSPN account and online application must be made 2 weeks before the due dates.
  • Loan approved on tuition fees and subject to approval from PTPTN.
  • BANK RAKYAT LOAN/ EPF WITHRAWAL/ PERKESO are also available options to finance your education


How to Apply?


  • Completed Application Form
  • Certified copy of SPM / UEC / O Level / STPM / A Level or equivalent result
  • Photocopy of Identity Card
  • 4 recent passport sized photographs
  • Application Fee of RM200.00 (For cheque / bank draft / money order, please make payment to U.C.I EDUCATION SDN BHD)

*Terms & Condition Apply

*For Local Malaysian Students Only