24 Aug 2018

TESL Club City University Malaysia Organises Annual TESL Fiesta 2018

City University Malaysia, Petaling Jaya, 16 August 2018 : -

English has been considered as the “world language” since it is the most widely used and spoken language across the globe, which makes it an essential tool of communication. To emphasise the importance of English in communication, the TESL Club (Teaching English as a Second Language) of City University Malaysia organises a TESL Fiesta every year. This time, the celebration took place on 16 August at the multi-purpose hall of our Petaling Jaya campus. 

TESL Fiesta 2018 provides another interesting initiative that offers a chance for the students in City University to plunge headlong into a heady mix of verve and versatility provided by the language. The activities were divided into two sessions : a Literature Poster Exhibition in the morning and a theatre performance titled ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ in the afternoon. In the second session, audience members got the chance to watch three incredible theatre performances, solely prepared by City-U students. For the past seven weeks, the students wrote their own short stories and adapted them into scripts ; to present them as a performance during this fiesta. 

“We want to project students’ understanding of literature and expose students to various soft skills as it is vital for the future educators and professionals. In fact, as reported just a few days ago, the police officers have been ordered to polish up their English language skills. This shows the importance of English language in today’s world.” said Mr. Gopala Krishnan, the Director of Centre for Language Studies & TESL Programme.

Award presentations took place after the exhibition to recognize excellence in student presentations and academic achievements.