19 Feb 2020



Higher education institution agent fraud is no longer a piece of breaking news because it has been a concern since it's first to arise in Malaysia on 2015, but it doesn’t hurt to be on high alert. Recently words reappear regarding this matter that concerns the students and staffs of City University.

The first thing that SPM leavers do after they receive their result is to look for a higher education institute that suits their interest and qualification. Sometimes, even if the result isn't out yet, they are allowed to use their trial result to register to any higher education institute, especially the private sector. It is understandable if SPM leavers are excited and very keen on the offers they get. Still, sometimes they forgot about the authenticity of the proposal until they overlook the crucial things on wether their agent came from a real institution with accredited education programmes or not.

The public, especially parents and students, should take note that most of the scammers started as agents entrusted by higher education institutions to recruit students. Hence it is advisable for both the parents and students to make sure the agent they’re dealing with is a registered agent and works legally for the institution. Beware of this scammers!

Make sure that the institution that you want to enrol in is accredited with MQA. How to make sure of this? The most straightforward way you can do is to check the institution’s website. Make sure that the programmes offered are accredited with MQA. How to make sure of this? Head on to the Malaysian Qualifications Register (MQR) website and search for your course. The programmes that have been fully accredited by MQA will be on the list, but if by any chance your choice of a programme does not appear, it may be because your course is provisionally accredited.

Meaning to say, the college or university is waiting for approval after taking the first step to meet the minimum accreditation requirements by MQA and that there is a high chance that your programmes will be fully accredited by the time you graduate, while it's not guaranteed.

Many of us overlooked the school's accreditation, not knowing the importance behind its name. The reason why it's essential for college or university to have accreditation is that you can be assured of the quality of your education, plus with an MQA accredited qualification can also facilitate your entry into postgraduate. Other than that, you will be able to apply for PTPTN, and you will also be able to work for the government. Besides that, certain professional industries may also require accredited qualifications, especially if you're pursuing a professional paper or entering the industry like medicine, law, architecture and engineering.

So, be careful and be aware. If you're looking for a higher education institution, primarily private institution, the best suggestion is to straight-away ask the education counsellor through walk-in appointment, online messaging or email. The importance of education is of mutual interest to ensure the future of our nation’s youth; hence we must be concerned.




By Aufa Mardhiah Amir Hamzah

6th February