28 Apr 2020


Source: Nur Aliah


On the 10th April, Nur Aliah Binti Zulkifli a student of City University has faced a tragic incident where her house was caught in a fire. The cause of this fire was faulty wiring which led to a short circuit, leading to an ablaze.


Source: Facebook


Hearing this, the Student Representative Council (SRC) in collaboration with the Student Affairs Department (STAD) of City University created a donation campaign to help lessen the burden of Aliah and her family.




As of 19th April 2020, a total of RM500 has been collected and donated thanks to the friends and colleagues of City University Malaysia. SRC and STAD representatives have contacted Nur Aliah via video call to give the good news and donated the money to her father.


Source: SRC


In hopes that the donations done through this campaign will help ease the burden of Nur Aliah and her family and pray that they will be well in overcoming this tragedy. For those still want to lend a helping hand and donate, just donate straight to Aliah’s Father, Zulkifli Jaafar


Account Number: 114301440451 (Maybank)


With that said, City University Malaysia advise everyone to stay safe and avoid any danger if possible. “Prevention is always better than cure” as so they say. Friends are priceless so whenever a friend is in rough spot, lend a helping hand is always a right thing to do. Last but not least, Bravo to our Student Representative Council and Student Affairs Department for their efforts!