30 Apr 2020

By Aufa Mardhiah


There is no denying that the movement of control taken by some countries to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has left the world feeling tired and bored of sitting at home. Thus, this is where social media acts as a medium for people to fill their time and dispel boredom.

Since the beginning of movement control order on 18th March 2020, there have been various social media challenges that have started flooding social media platforms in Malaysia. Of course, all of these social media platforms began from the United States and began viral worldwide.



#UntilTomorrow is quite an embarrassing challenge for some but fun in a way. With over 2 million posts joining in the challenge worldwide, #UntilTomorrow challenge is one of the challenges that brings back old memories.

How to take part in this challenge is by posting an old and embarrassing picture online and live it for 24 hours with just a caption of #UntilTomorrow. People who liked the post will then be receiving a DM from the one who posted the pictures with instructions to take part in the challenge.

Source: marieclaire.com

Of course, people joining in the challenge needs to be supportive, spontaneous and no backing-off cause that won't be fun right?

Some public figure spotted participating in the challenge was Ain Edruce, Elfira Loy, Aeril Zafril, Hafridz Adam and many more.

There is no purpose of this challenge, just for fun and laughter. Those of you joining in the challenge, no hard feeling tho.  So if you want to look at some of your fav celebs embarrassing photos do check out the #UntilTomorrow on Instagram.


Female Empowerment Challenge

This challenge is quite serious and deals more with motivation. Female users would tag 10 of their friends on an Instagram story with a positive message. This challenge aims to uplift women in a society that likes to watch women tear each other down. 

This is one of the social media messages that managed to make a stand in public since the beginning of the pandemic awareness. In this time of hardship, getting this kind of positive content can ease the worries that plagued.



Guess The Gibberish is a filter on Instagram and TikTok, which shows ridiculous words for you to guess in 10 seconds before the real phrase comes out. Some of the illogical phrases are 'He'll lawn mosque' which means Elon Musk.

Source: Capital fm

The filter may be gibberish but Microsoft intern Christopher Gu created it; bet you didn't see that one coming. So don't miss out on this excellent filter and try it now. But don't forget to update your Instagram to the latest version or else you won’t be able to find it.



The challenge started when Toluwalase Asolo, a business management student at the University of Hull tweeted a clip with a caption “The boredom jumped out” with the song Don’t Rush by Young T and Bugsey as background music.

The video showed Asolo and her 7 girl friends changed looks while passing around a makeup brush used as a baton. You can view the original video here https://twitter.com/lase_asoloo/status/1241707263917723655 .

The video then went viral worldwide and now is called the #DontRush challenge. As you know, the trend is called #DontRush because the song used in the short video.

The whole point of the video is to gather your besties and show off your best transformation. The video requires each person in the compilation to shoot and individual part before combining it into one and edit it as though you’re getting ready in a second.

As the video has been spread worldwide, many has changed the original makeup brush as a metaphorical baton to other things like towel, handbags, shoes and etc.

The challenge has also gained local celebrities attention like Sweet Qismina, Betty Rahmad, Ruhainies and many more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KziIUBCPno . There are also some local entrepreneurs caught on joining the trend like Nurul and Mira Zulkifli from Mimpi Kita, Nelissa Hilman, Dahlia Nadirah from SO.LEK cosmetics, Syazana Sukiman and Sarathira from WHIMSIGIRL and many more. You can checkout the link for video https://www.instagram.com/p/B_CcRTHlESb/?igshid=1uhpn2andhol4 .

The #DontRush Challenge is meant to demonstrate the duality of everyone's lives and to highlight on ‘togetherness in isolation’. If you want to brush up your video editing skills, this fun challenge would be a good practise.



Last but not least, the challenges that made people fall in love with the aesthetic drink is the #DalgonaCoffe Challenge which was originated from South Korea.

Source: Elie Daily

The highlight of the coffee is to make a fluffy coffee foam to complement iced milk. How to make it? Mix two tablespoons of instant coffee or espresso powder, two tablespoons of sugar, and two tablespoons of boiling water.

Stir the ingredients with a mixer to get a satisfying foam; but you can also use a spoon by continually stirring until it turns from brown to beige and takes on a thick, foamy texture. Then spoon the mixture on top of a glass of cold milk, and it is ready to serve. The coffee is up to the individual whether you want it hot or cold.

Back in South Korea, Dalgona means honeycomb toffee which is a street snack. It is made by mixing sugar with water and boiling it until it starts turning slightly yellow. Then add on baking soda after the carbon dioxide is released so that the mixture breaks down. The liquidised sugar will then puffs up and hardens becoming light and crunchy.

This snack resembles a giant lollipop with various shape outline like heart, star, etc. To make it more fun, the Koreans also have ways to eat it, which is by cutting out the one in the outline and not break the shape in the middle.

For those who cannot consume caffeine, the coffee can also be substitute with Matcha and Milo.