21 Mar 2020

By Aufa Mardhiah, 21 March 2020


Was awarded Industry Excellence Awards on the previous City University Convocation Ceremony 2019, Sharifah Mohamad is now preparing herself to Vietnam for Asian Young Designer Award 2020 (AYDA 20).

She graduated in Bachelor of Interior Design with honours, Sharifah or better known as Chepah named as  Malaysia's sole representative to AYDA 20 held in Vietnam this coming July.

Image credit: Sharifah 


Succeeded in bringing proud to City University, she was offered the position of assistant lecturer and now is teaching Studio 1 & Studio 2 Architecture and Autocad 2 for diploma in CITYU at the age of 23 years old. Completing her foundation to bachelor, she also planned to further her master in CITYU with the scholarship offered due to her achievements.


Getting involved with Interior Design.

Chepah started getting involved with interior design after SPM, where she chose it randomly after being persuaded by her brother since her result suited and passed the admission requirements. Came with zero knowledge about architecture and built environment, she was trained then by her lecturer Sir Muzamil, and that brought her here now.

Started off her journey to gold with four friends in a Studio class, they were then trained and pushed by Sir Muzamil to compete in MID REKA 2019. All four (4) of them were given individual project for the competition, and Chepah managed to secure gold. Below are the awards that she managed to achieve and qualified herself to AYDA Summit in Vietnam.


  1. Gold Award for REKA Design Excellence Award MIID 2019
  2. 1st Place for MIID Students Saturday 2019 with Integrated Space Design, Bachelor Category
  3. Gold Award for AYDA (Asian Young Designer Awards) 2019
  4. Green Design Invention Award 2019 for AYDA (Asian Young Designer Awards) 2019



Experience in a lifetime.

Vital steps were taken before going to Vietnam, which is undergoing a coaching session with Nippon Malaysia to present board followed by a final presentation. Lastly, the award ceremony and she won gold with a cash prize of RM5000 and RM1000 for Green Design Invention. One fact about AYDA that people don't know is that not only the participant will be awarded prizes, but the lecturer and institution will also win RM1000 each.

What’s more interesting is that the gold winner for AYDA Summit in Vietnam will be sent to Harvard to undergo six weeks of summer class at Harvard University and this made her more inspired to grab the once in a lifetime opportunity.