07 May 2020

By Puteri Nuraqidah Razak


Happy Semester Break everyone!


After finishing up all your final exams and projects, what better way is there to celebrate all your hard work than going home and spending time with your family and friends?


In our situation where we are stuck working from home, we are going to be with the family more than usual. As such, we should make the most of it and reconnect with our families and try to get along as best as we can. This time is not the time to be selfish with your family as they might also be under a lot of pressure with household chores and Google Meeting sessions for work.


So here are 4 tips just to get it started!


  1. Create and find some fun activities to do together as a family


Source: WDRD.com


From boardgames to spring cleaning to trying out new recipes in the kitchen, the amount of fun activities that can be done at home are endless, but remember do not try to do it all at once. Set an ‘Activity of the Day’, trying a new Cheese cake recipe today and making a video in Tiktok Trends the next day. Also, you can even spice things up with creating an Obstacle course inside the house with the little ones. This will increase the sheer closeness by creating a fun and playful environment in the household.


This is a great time to reconnect with your family. You can think of it as getting to know your family members even more under a different spotlight and in a very new and exciting perspective. In our fast paced jobs, we were hardly had the chance to interact with them. Now with flexible hours and the extra time that we have been blessed with, we have the chance to actually sit down and have a chat with them. So do sit down often, crack a joke or two, talk about things, and show some gratitude.


  1. Be respectful




It is enough to say that being in the house for a long time will make a lot of individuals go bonkers, and your family members might be facing that as well. Getting stressed or panicked in some situations might cause some frustrations and the need to vent it out in more ways than one. So be creative and learn to listen, for it is the only way to know your family members well.


If you happen to notice a vent is happening, and you respond with anger, you would just aggravate the situation even more. “If everyone fought fire with fire, the world will go up in smoke” which basically means do not counter anger with more anger for this causes unnecessary escalation of a very volatile situation and so tip the balance with some domestic bliss. It is imperative that you be respectful and mild-mannered in your responses. If you snap, apologise immediately. The key is to understand that you are not the only sufferer here.


  1. Lend an ear and support them


Source: Masterlife.com


Keep the peace is very important for maintaining a serene environment, so you also have to remain calm for your family’s sake as well. This is a whole new ball game that everyone is facing right now and they are collectively dealing with it at a very intense level. Putting that forward, some personalities and emotions may clash when you spend a lot of time at home. So, it’s very important to listen to what they have to say and ultimately give some emotional support even if you think they are behaving irrationally.



  1. Set some Boundaries


Being cooped up in the same place with same people 24/7 can be exhausting to say the least, and so set some boundaries in the house that is fair for everyone to follow as we are one family. Each individual needs a designated space that is their own to do their work or having some ‘me’ time.


It’s essential to set limits so that you can recharge your own battery as well. Taking much needed time away from others will help you relax and clear your head. This may be one’s own room, a den, a porch, a piece of the garden, anywhere that others don’t enter unless invited, a place to retreat and resort to that creates a “psychic” boundary between you and everyone else.


Source: Slashgear.com


This is especially important when right now you need to work from home, and working in a comfortable environment is key. By that I mean, not being interrupted by anyone unless it’s an emergency. Making sure the members of your family understand that sometimes you need some peace and quiet during a video meeting or an online virtual class. A really good idea that you might want to do is to put up a post sign on your door indicating that you’re busy at work and when you plan to be available to others.


Spending time with the family is good way to create memories with. Imagine all the things, all the stories that future generations will get to hear from us. With the we are facing now, try to make as many memories as possible. To our City University students, staff and the whole world, we wish you to stay safe and spend quality time your love ones indoor.