22 May 2020

By Aufa Mardhiah


Son: It’s going to be Raya soon! I’m so excited!

Mom: What are you so excited about?

Son: I can meet my cousin & we can go ‘balik kampung’.

Mom: That’s not happening, son. I’m sorry but this year we can’t go ‘balik kampung’.

Son: But why?

Mom: We’re still in quarantine dear.

Son: Oh no…


Briefly, Eid Al Fitri is a religious celebration that depicts the end of the fasting month. It is one of two celebrations celebrated by the Muslims around the world. The celebration is held on the first day of Shawal, which is the 10th month in Islamic calendar. On the first morning of Eid Al Fitri, Muslims around the world will perform a specific prayer.

Source: Daily Express

Malaysia being a Muslim country, of course this celebration is celebrated rather lively and quite overwhelmingly all over the country. In fact, this celebration is called ‘Hari Raya’ and therefore three days of public holiday is given to all despite race and religion but generally most Malaysians celebrate this festival for a month in order to fulfil their craving and satisfaction.


Despite that, generally everyone already knows that this upcoming Raya won’t be like our usual Raya. There’ll be no ‘balik kampung’, no convoy trips visiting relatives, no open houses, no spending time together with relatives all week long.

Source: Daily Express

This fact may sound sad and might demotivate our spirit of celebrating Eid, but it is what it is and we need to be vigilant and follow what instructions we have been given by our health officials. We need to accept the fact that we are living in a new norm in order to ensure the safety of our lives. Even so, despite all the hurdles, that doesn’t mean there’s no Raya right? So this year we’ll be celebrating ‘Raya’ with extra cautious.


How to Raya in EMCO

There’s really nothing new with SOPs’, we should still keep our distance of 1 meter, wear face mask and carry on hand sanitizer everywhere we go like usual; but if you’re visiting your relatives what you can do is avoid ‘skin ship’ meaning absolutely no shaking hands, hugging or kissing on the cheeks and replacing it with lowering your head and giving a big smile instead.  

BERSALAMAN dengan orang yang lebih tua. GAMBAR hiasan

Source: Harian Metro

You are also advised not to be in a crowded house if you’re visiting or accepting visitors less than 20 people at a time if you’re the host. People may not realize this because it’s a very small and trivial matter but please do wash your dishes after eating despite being the visitor; this is because our dishes will surely have leftovers so to avoid the possibility of infection we need to wash our own dishes.