05 Jun 2020

By Aufa Mardhiah


Following the outbreak of the pandemic most countries are still under lockdown including Malaysia which is currently undergoing Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). Upon the following executive order from the minister, many are celebrating Raya in the city.

Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said although the government had allowed social visits on the first day of Aidilfitri, the public must strictly adhere to the SOPs under the CMCO. – Bernama pic

Source: New Straits Times

For those who usually celebrated Raya in the village, this year’s celebration may be heart-breaking but did not occur for no reason; thus old tradition have to be ‘cancelled’ or better yet ‘altered’ and might slowly change to suit the present situation.

After weeks of MCO, Malaysia's showing progress in flattening ...

Source: Mashable SEA

For instance, travel journey back to hometown was not allowed. However, for the first day of the Lunar Calendar which is the beautiful month of Shawal only, the government kindly provided some flexibility by allowing people to travel across district to visit family and relatives before coming back to their respective houses before midnight; while traveling across state was and is still not allowed.

Family members prepare jars of cookies at home in Kampung Changkat, Gombak on the eve of Hari Raya Aidilfitri May 23, 2020. — Picture by Hari Anggara

Source: malaymail

Nevertheless, Aidilfitri was and is being celebrated with caution following the financial crisis that escalated in the wake of the pandemic. I’ve seen that this year ‘Raya’ is celebrated mildly and most family remained home with whomever they are with by limiting visiting activities. On the contrary, with the presence of authorities monitoring the housing area and on the streets ‘road-blocking’ the traffic helped to prevent uncontrolled movement substantially.

Malaysia is likely to extend its movement control order (MCO) beyond April 14, due to rising number of coronavirus (Covid-19) new cases. NST pix by Osman Adnan

Source: New Straits Times

According to Harian Metro, Egypt, Turkey and Syria are among the countries that have banned the pilgrimage of Aidilfitri pilgrims to curb the outbreak as well as Saudi Arabia also issued a 24-day curfew order after recording 68,000 cases of infections since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

IMAM Masjid Lekamb, Sydney, Sheikh Yahya Safi, membaca khutbah yang disiarkan secara langsung di Facebook. FOTO AFP

Source: Harian Metro

In Lebanon, religious authorities have announced the reopening of the mosque only for Friday prayers. Therefore, the congregation is required to undergo temperature checks and sanitation controls before being admitted into the mosques and the mausoleums.

JEMAAH mengamalkan penjarakan sosial ketika solat sunat Aidilfitri di sebuah masjid di Eidgah Sharif Darbar in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. FOTO AFP

Source: Harian Metro

In Indonesia, however, some residents refuse to go back to their home or return back to the village to welcome Aidilfitri. Some are willing to bring fake documents while trying to travel from the city to the village and the nearby countryside.