08 Aug 2019

Two students from Art and Design Faculty of City University Malaysia participated in My Tiger Values Art Competition 2019, organized by Maybank Foundation. Their artworks have been successfully shortlisted as two of the best artworks among the 31 finalists. Even though were not being declared as the winner of the competition, they were glad to have gained great exposures through their participation, especially in sharing their ideas and creativity through their artworks.

This competition served as a platform for the participants to showcase their creativity through the production creative artworks ranging from 3 categories; photo imaging, illustration and sequential arts (editorial cartoon/comics). The exhibition took place at Balai Seni Menara Maybank near Pudu Sentral and was opened to public from 1st of July until 31st of July 2019.

The participants comprised Art and Design students; Melissa Foong Ern Huei and Veronica Lam Jin Howe who are currently undergoing a bachelor program in City University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. They portrayed their illustration artworks by emphasizing tiger as the national emblem of Malaysia that symbolizes courage, strength and magnificence. This competition was held with a purpose to inculcate and celebrate the indomitable spirit of the Malayan Tiger through showcase of artworks based on Maybank's TIGER values, in conjunction with Global Tiger Day 2019. May this competition continue to inspire other students to express their talent and creativity out there with courage and confidence in the future.


“Strength of TIGER” by Melissa Foong Ern Huei