04 Sep 2020

Written by Usha Periasamy

Edited by Aufa Mardhiah


In 2017 I enrolled in CITY-U with a dream of becoming a dancer from Terengganu. For me, each stepping stone of the journey was different compared to the culture of when I was in Terengganu. Walking through the journey of my experience, I was first called in for the CITYU Cultural Club (CUCC) meeting which was held by CITY-U for a body selection for the event itself. I was selected as the VIP in charge and gratefully, I was given the chance to perform on stage at the MPH.


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                                       as VIP incharge and Dancer.-2017

From then I was recognized as the dancer of the event and people recognized me well as someone who has performed well. Due to that reason, I was selected once more for another event for the Head of Decorating department for the Ponggal event in 2018. In the post mortem meeting, I was appraised and given such a big applause by everyone for being able to perform so well as a leader and for also being able to carry out this event within the budget required.

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as Head of Deco with ex-president of CUCC-2018

Once more, I was called in for another event by the Head of Protocol of the Badminton club in the same year. My job helps to determine the event whether it is a success or a failure based on the duties I would distribute among the rest. I was given such heavy responsibilities by the President of the CUCC, Prremitha and Vice President, Nathindran. In the end, the event turned out to be a success despite it being the first badminton event held.

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Head of Protocol of the event.-2018

Later in 2019, another big responsibility was given to me which is to be the event director of the Ponggal event 2019 and this is where my real journey began. At first, I was directly selected by Prremitha and the lecturer with their wholeheartedness of  trust they had in me. Unfortunately, some of the club members became envious and looked down on me by saying 'how can a junior become an event director?' . Some of the members directly spoke to the lecturer to convince them not to allow me to manage the event as a director. However, the lecturer, Mr. Nantha did not give up on me and still had my back by supporting me right to the very end. Despite the minor issues faced, I had the real supportive leaders with me which are Prremitha, Nathindran, Sir Nantha, Kuhan. With that being said, their comments never bothered me and my work.

Another challenge that I had to face was to run the event with a zero-budget proposal. I had formed a group as per request from the management and sent the proposal letter to whom it may concern. After a few attempts, my proposal was accepted and the real saviour during the times in need of financial support is Jedai Production by sponsoring 100% coverage for the event. In my group, they consist of many junior fellows with undefined talents and due to that,  I wanted them to perform on the day to express themselves and show off their talents. Among them are known as Satiish Raj, Shoben, Dineswaran and a few other who are now known well for their performances

 My proudest moment is being one of the people in charge of giving them the introduction space to perform at the CITY-U stage for the first time and now are mostly recognized by the CITY-U members. I worked very hard and had sleepless nights just to prepare for the event. I did not have any experience prior to this and even with the problems and negativity around me, I still managed to run the event successfully with the support of my great leaders and with the support of the management staff and the leaders. As the first event of the year, it was an absolute success.

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as Event Director of the event- 2019.

Sometimes I also am chosen to conduct the orientation held by the Student Affairs Department (STAD) representative. I have become a more known person to the juniors and share my journey with them here.

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as Orientation conductor-2019

From there I was called to participate in the Ramp walk Modelling competition in the modelling industry considering that my face has been recognized at the CITYU stage countless times. With that, I won the competition and made CITY-U more proud of me by upgrading myself by having the title as a model.

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as Best Model from cityU representative-2019


Then, my leadership journey continues at the start of the hostel whereby there were no proper platforms for the Indian students to organize their event. After discussing with the management team, together with the warden’s support, I formed a club named Damai Court Cultural Club (DCCC); and finally, the club was named as an official club for the first time in CITY-U hostel history. Although, knowing that one day I will leave working from CITY-U, I am grateful that the club I formed will be there forever. Once again, I had troubles facing those who were envious and those who were against my good will trying to pull me down, I stood firm and did my best and not give up. I formed the group of BOD and ran the Deepavali event for the first time in the hostel history especially by inviting visitors to enliven the celebration. My duty as a vice president was to guide the group but was mentally abused by some saying that I am not capable to be a leader, egoistic and a show-off.

At some point, I even walked out of the event planning process and my juniors were left waiting for me to join them. Even though I utilized my effort to organize the event, I was left being ignored. When the event came to an end I was still being coaxed down to the extent of them having a meeting unplanned just to talk bad about me right through my face frankly. But as per the junior’s support, I resumed the event preparation and finally made it happen. However, karma had hit those who had abused me mentally. The warden and other groups of people knew the true story and again I was appreciated by the warden, management team and few more people just like how a leader should be.


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as the Vice President of the DCCC club-2019

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