12 May 2020

By Aufa Mardhiah


Recently, a picture of two health inspectors went viral for assisting an elderly Chinese Aunty who is also a retailer in the Pudu Market to be taken to a nearby screening tent for sampling despite the scorching heat and the long-day fasting. This happened when Mastura Maznor and Muhammad Shahir of the Cheras Health Office were assigned a public search at Pudu Market on Tuesday.

Source: Malaysiakini


The viral picture also received appreciation from our Health director-general, his excellency Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah whom he called heroes in his recent social media post stating that both Mastura and Shahir truly internalized the ministry’s tagline ‘we are ready to serve’.

Shahir dan Mastura, anda wira kami' | Harian Metro

Source: Harian Metro

Dr. Noor Hisham quoted “Treating human life delicately without racial religious boundaries. Our health inspector Shahir Razali carrying this elderly Chinese aunty to the centre for Covid-19 testing”. He further on added “Fasting in Ramadan and serving the people in need while on full personal protective equipment (PPE) suits, indeed you guys are our heroes. Very proud of you both and thank you.”

Source: KL PRESS

Their kind effort has also attracted praises of the nation and good words in the comment section of Dr. Noor Hisham’s Facebook posting accumulating more than 43’000 likes, 1800 comments and 3’500 shares since 9th May, which has proven to be not only impressive but unprecedented.

An interesting fact about Mastura Maznor is that she is actually one of City University’s graduates, alumni for the class of 2019 in Bachelor of Environmental Health and she is now working with Ministry of Health (MOH) and stationed at Cheras Health Office. When asked about her experience studying at CITYU, she quoted “In CITY-U, students were given the chance to get involved with many field activities. From there it helped us a lot in how to deal with the public. Plus, most of the lecturers and educators are industry experienced so many of the inputs they shared with me can be a source of support for my work.”

Source: Mastura Maznor

“As front liners, I’m involved in the investigation of Covid-19 cases to detect case contacts in order to be present for screening and it’s important for the investigation to be detailed and thorough. Knowledge of Covid-19's disease is also a must because when dealing with people I find that there are many things that needs to be explain. Furthermore, being outside and involved in sampling activities with full PPE is very challenging because it is hot and will feel a bit drowsy as no external ventilation will penetrate the body;” said Mastura while sharing her experiences with us working as front-liners.

Source: Mastura Maznor

Seeing our alumni working hard for the nation’s safety and health is truly something not only admirable but heartwarming and is undoubtedly an inspiration to all students of CITY-U. Students should take Mastura Maznor's story as exemplary. May Matura’s hard work and determination will be an inspiration to the students who wish to succeed. It doesn’t matter what program you choose, strive for success that shall bring benefit not only to you but honor to those who know you and have served with you. It is truly what life is all about; serving for the greater good.

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We are proud of you. Not only as an alumni of CITY-U, but also because of your unique journey, your unwavering dedication and your sheer resilience as a medical woman. You have ensured everyone has the care they need. No matter the day or the circumstances, you are ready to make a difference. Thank you.

Source: Mastura Maznor


Source: Mastura Maznor