14 Feb 2020


We often heard of the academic best students or dean’s award in every convocation ceremony but very rarely the achievement of internship or industrial training is mentioned. CITYU also made some changes for the past convocation ceremony by introducing few excellence awards including the Industry Excellence Awards which surprisingly displays quite a number of achievers.

Won gold for the REKA Student Design Excellence Award by Malaysian Institute of Interior Design (MIID) 2018 and received Honorary Mention by Asia’s Young Designer Awards (AYDA) 2018 brought Lauridson Liaw Fu Kang rose to fame.

Graduating with Bachelor of International Design, Lauridson or famously known as Kang is now a proud interior designer. He's very excited to have been receiving the award, but to him, the award is just an award. The important thing is the fulfilment, passion and contribution he poured solely to qualify himself for the prestigious award.

Despite his great achievements, deep inside his heart, he has a desire of wanting to be a lecturer. The decision of wanting to be a lecturer was a culmination of a reflection process on what he wanted to do in his life. He chose an education-based career because he believes an educator is one of the most crucial catalysts in our culture to educate and cultivate better minds. He also believes that lecturer individually and collectively has the ability to not only change the world but to improve it. Within the process of teaching, he hopes to find both personal and professional renewal. Hi wishes to be a part of a noble profession with the hope of wanting to become someone whom people find inspiring. 

Besides that, his lecturers who have thought him throughout his study was also one of the reasons why he chose lecturing because through them he began to understand that great lecturers have the skills that he wanted to learn.

When asked about his experience studying at CITYU, he mentioned that he learned and experienced so many new things in such a short period, and it has been amazing to him. He would like to especially thank his lecturer Sir Firdaus and Sir Muzammil for their guidance and support because without their contribution there will never be Kang the Industry Excellence Awards achiever.

Got inspired to pursue interior designing from his parent's profession as a carpenter, the 24 years old idolize his parents and would like to dedicate his success to them for supporting him emotionally and financially. Despite their tight budget, they never complained about the expenses of his education, thus making him very thankful.


With all that he has gained, he would like his self-value to be recognized by people and so that he can showcase CITYU and his industrial design to the general public. He aims to inspire, to motivate and to encourage others, especially the students who are struggling with their studies to study smart, not study hard.






By Aufa Mardhiah Amir Hamzah

22nd January 2020