22 Jan 2020




In this era, do you really think because you are graduating from a top private university you will get a job without a problem, right? Think again. With this economy, some top graduates had a hard time even landing a job, but how do we get jobs after graduating? More and more employers say real world experience is the key to getting a job with a recommendation from the higher ups. So how do you get real world experience? I have one word for ya: Internship.

Muhammad Aliff Muqri, a 23 year old City University student was given a chance of a lifetime  to intern for one of the biggest corporate giants in Malaysia, PETRONAS. Taking Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical, Aliff landed an internship spot at PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd Kerteh, Terengganu in the Reliability Engineering Department where he handles the prediction failure analysis of the machines involved in the operation. 



With this opportunity, he was praised by his manager for his initiative, good work ethics and more. Due to his internship program with PETRONAS, the company welcomes more internship candidates from City University. 

Thank you PETRONAS for enrolling our student  for the intensive internship program. A great exposure in growing future leaders.




By Puteri Nuraqidah Abdul Razak

18th January 2020