24 Aug 2018

Information Technology Club Organises An Exciting Day in City University Malaysia

City University Malaysia, Petaling Jaya, 15 August 2018 : -

The Information Technology Club (IT Club) from City University Malaysia organised an Information Technology (IT) Day on 15 August 2018 for its students at the University’s Petaling Jaya campus. .

Dean for Faculty of Information Technology, Dr. SB Goyal, commented during the opening ceremony : 

“As the faculty members of the University, we have always supported our students. Through our many initiatives and efforts such as this IT Day, we aspire to contribute towards continuous learning on cutting-edge technologies and improving job prospects for our students.”

Mr. Heerajeet Singh Khalsa, the student representative for the IT Faculty, said that this event also serves as an ice-breaker for the new students with the seniors, as well as exercising  teamwork. 

To improve students’ performance and ensure that they are prepared to enter an increasingly digital workforce, City University Malaysia invited several guest speakers with extensive IT experiences. They were Mr. Wong Chun-Yin, Software Client Architect from IBM and Mr. Gerard Teng, an independent Microsoft Business Intelligence Consultant with thirteen (13) years of end-to-end implementation experience, who is also an expert in Microsoft BI Stack.

A piece of advice given by Mr. Wong Chun-Yin : 

“The world is changing very quickly, which is why it’s very important for students to always keep themselves up to date. There are plenty of IT courses being offered for free, so grab the chance now and learn as much as you can.” 


Ater a fruitful morning with the invited professionals, the participants went on with several quizzes and games, ending the day with prize giveaways and lunch.