07 Feb 2020


Do you know that here at City University, you could play futsal with your friends at the futsal court right outside our campus? All work and no play? A well-balanced life of play and work is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle.

It's no secret that playing sports helps students stay physically active. This is especially true when it comes to futsal, besides the goalkeeper,  players continuously move up and down the field, travelling throughout just one game. But physical activity shouldn't be the only motivation behind playing sports. So how can young athletes benefit emotionally and socially from playing futsal?

Playing futsal doesn't just improve your physical health, but can help improve your mood as well. This activity releases chemicals in the brain, which cause feelings of happiness. Not only can it help you be in a brighter mood at the moment but throughout time as well. Stress, depression, and anxiety will all lessen when you're continuously physically active. Now that is sure plus for University students to keep their mind on track and productive.


Growing up and meeting new people can be such a hassle what confidence is not your forte, do you know that playing futsal can also boost your confidence? Players continue to learn from their teammates and develop their skills and abilities; they'll begin to gain more confidence. It can sometimes be difficult for young adults to build trust, but that's not the case on the futsal court. They'll work hard, further their skills, and feel better about themselves. Self-confidence is something all young adults should have, and these athletes will feel a boost of confidence both on and off the field.

With playing futsal, they’ll quickly start to build strong relationships. As a team sport, players have to come together to do their best and win the game. So between teammates, everyone will become close and learn how to work together to achieve their goals. Having people to rely on is necessary for life. So players can benefit greatly from building a strong relationship with their team.

In futsal, the sports itself train the players to work with constraint. It is common to complain about the obstacles in our lives: too little time, not enough money, too small of a network, barely enough resources. Indeed, some of these constraints do hold us back. However, there is also a positive side. The constraints in our lives often force us to make choices and cultivate talents that would otherwise go undeveloped. Constraints drive creativity and foster skill development. Just as the limitations on futsal force players to develop creativity and better ball-handling skills, constraints can also encourage your skill development. In many ways, reaching the next level of performance is simply a matter of choosing the right limitations. 

So head down there with your futsal buddies and live a well-balanced life today!



By Puteri Nuraqidah Razak

29th January 2020