10 Jul 2018


FOABE Lecture Series Features Ramesh Seshan in City University Malaysia


City University Malaysia, Petaling Jaya, 27 June 2018 : -

One of the leading faculties in City University Malaysia, the Faculty of Architecture & Built Environment (FOABE) organized another round of Lecture Series on 27 June 2018. Held at the University’s campus in Petaling Jaya, the Lecture Series is part of the faculty’s initiative in providing a fruitful platform for architects, designers, lecturers and students to participate and discuss on current built environment issues.

The invited guest speaker was Mr. Ramesh Seshan. He started as an Architectural Assistant after graduation in 1997, where he received the real exposure, training and opportunity to work on several award-winning projects in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Phillipines and Japan.

He then ventured into his own freelance architecture and design consultancy practice under the label of Seshan Design. Some of his works have been published in several magazines such as D+A and ROOM Magazine.

Ramesh Seshan said, “When you design a house, you don’t just design it for today. You design for the next ten or twenty years. Because a home, lasts for generations.” This is the idea that he and his team sell to clients, which he labels as “Future Proofing”.

“Future Proofing” is a concept where the forward-thinking team prepares a proposal that is not just based on the current needs and conditions ; but also includes various needs or plans that might occur in the future. For example, they could present a project design which would suit the current lifestyle of a newlywed couple, as well as any add-on that the client might want or need when the family grows bigger with kids and all. It starts with something simple as restructuring the power points to the right areas, where some might be used now and some others in a 10-year period. This simplifies the construction process and minimizes the cost for any future adjustments.

“A home is always a work in progress. The clients would continuosly upgrade with changing needs and programmes - so think big and design for the future,” he added.

To learn more about City University Lecture Series or how to join us, visit www.city.edu.my or call 03 7949 1616.