15 May 2020

By Aufa Mardhiah


Every now and then, CITY-U will present its Student Representative Council (SRC) to help Student Affairs Department (STAD) in maintaining student’s welfare and wellbeing. This year, SRC was presented with 21 active members ready to serve the welfare of the students.

Source: cityumalaysia Instagram

Holding firm to their vision and mission SRC is led by Miss Nur Rafiqah Sahira Binti Talib from the Bachelor of Business Administration program. While Miss President herself is very responsible and capable, she still needs her assistants and they are Jeremy Chong Tien Shing from the Bachelor in Science (Accounts & Finance) program and Mirzan Ahmad Nawab Bin Basheer from the Bachelor of Occupational Safety & Health; with each bearing the position of Vice President I and II.

The power trio is assisted by Executive Council of Club and Societies (EXCO) and consist of:




Mohammad Sadnan Shafi


EXCO Pubicity & Publication

Bachelor of Business Administration

Alexander Vijay A/L Suppiah


EXCO Student Development

Bachelor of Information Technology

Muhammad Hafizi bin Zakaria


EXCO Sports & Recreation

Bachelor Business Administration

Muhammad Sapuan bin Iberahim


Nurul Nisyak bt Mohd Hazli



EXCO Social, Warfare and Student Relations

Bachelor of Business Administration

Diploma in Hotel Management

Joanna Varghese

EXCO University Social Responsibility

Bachelor of Hospitality Management


Sharanaya A/P Pandian

EXCO Knowledge Transfer & Programme

Bachelor of Science (Architectural Design)


Preston Chong Kian Mun

EXCO Disciplinary & Enforcement

Bachelor of Science (Architectural Design)


Mammedova Aysha


EXCO Special Task

Foundation in Arts (Communication)


Mohamad Rafiuddin bin Mokhtar


EXCO Art & Cultural

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Noor Fazlina bt Muhd Farouk

EXCO Club & Societies Liaison Academic

Bachelor Of Biomedical Science


Dhaassheni A/P Subramaniam



Julian Jolis




EXCO Club & Society Liaison Non-Academic

Bachelor in Education (Early Childhood Education)


Bachelor of Science (Architectural Design)



Source: cityusrc Instagram


Events Organised

On 18th February 2020, SRC successfully managed to hold the most anticipated event in campus which was the COCO Day and it received many positive response from the students. Many activities were scheduled for D-day to entertain all dweller includes club registration, food sales, students’ performance and closing ceremony with prize-giving. On that day, many agreed that students’ performance was the best as it highlighted on culture diversity which showed students from different races and nationalities performed their culture’s uniqueness and specialty.

Source: cityusrc Instagram

On a related note, the previous 10th April showed how concern SRC are toward students affair when they took the initiative to help a student in need by raising a flash donation for Nur Aliah Zulkifli; a student of Diploma in Hotel Management program whose house was caught on fire. The collaboration campaign between SRC and STAD was disseminated through social media (Facebook) for 9 days and managed to collect a total of RM500 from students and staffs of CITY-U.

Source: cityusrc Instagram


A Job Well Done

In addition to student related events, we even asked Mr Fahmi the Admin Assistant for STAD on his feedback and opinion on SRC 2019/20.

“With SRC around, events on student affairs are well organized and well maintained. During the previous Coco Day, SRC was the one involved 100% from planning phase including preparing the proposal to the closing ceremony and was monitored by STAD.”

Source: cityusrc Instagram

Mr Fahmi also hoped that SRC 2019/20 would be better than the previous committee because they especially succeeded in proving their value and effort through perseverance and seriousness in successfully handling their first event. Thus for any upcoming events, he would like SRC to collaborate with STAD to prepare a great and auspicious event.

Source: cityusrc Instagram

With the council’s continuation, students no longer need to worry about the problems they’re facing that might affect their education. If you ever need someone to heave a sigh of relief do reach out to them for they will always be there for you, students of CITY-U. So make sure to follow SRC’s Instagram account @cityusrc for more info and live update.

Source: cityusrc Instagram