04 Jun 2020

By Aufa Mardhiah


Despite being away from family, Hari Raya was still celebrated by 70 Borneo students and City University Malaysia’s staff at the student dorm located in Damai Court, Puchong. The much anticipated two-hour banquet was held in stages where only 20 people were allowed to gather in every 20 minutes.



Source: Mr. Raja Shahrul (STAD)

The banquet was organized by the Damai Court dormitory’s management including the dormitory wardens, the Registry Department and the City U Student Affairs Division (STAD) on the second day of May 25, 2020. The small ceremony took place at the prestigious Damai Court multipurpose hall.


Source: Mr. Raja Shahrul (STAD)

All the delicious meals that were prepared on the day included ‘nasi minyak’, ‘lemang’, ketupat, rendang, tofu cakes, desserts like donuts and traditional Malay cakes and biscuits that were contributed by City U academic department.



Source: Mr. Raja Shahrul (STAD)

All the students came in wearing beautiful and colourful new clothes and gathered in the multipurpose hall. While enjoying the festivities, they seem to be very happy to celebrate with their friends despite being away from their respective family.



Source: Mr. Raja Shahrul (STAD)

Despite having fun together, all students and staff adhere to the government's mandate to keep their distance, not to gather more than 20 people and always use sanitizers discreetly. As Dato Seri Vida's song lyrics say, "Yang jauh ok, yang dekat ok, di hari raya semuanya mesti okay."



Source: Mr. Raja Shahrul (STAD)

In addition to the festivities filled with fun and laughter, the students also performed and sang few Raya songs to enliven and brighten up the atmosphere. Before the end of the ceremony, the distribution of ‘duit raya’ was also given. The festival was sponsored by Registry City University.



Source: Mr. Raja Shahrul (STAD)

"We understand the feeling of the students being unable to return to their hometowns for the holidays. Therefore, with these small and home-grown events, City U hopes to nurture the students by providing food and money as gifts for them," said Mrs. Rosnizah whom is the Registrar of City U.