19 Feb 2020



Being far away from family to achieve our dream is probably a tough decision to make. Sometimes it might also make us torn between family and dreams, but that doesn't stop Li Mingzhu to pursue her study here in Malaysia. After years of effort, she finally succeeded in getting her doctoral degree at City University Malaysia with her research thesis on the topic “Addressing the Pertinent Factors for the Successful Digital Marketing of Chinese Fashion Clothes in the Domestic and International Markets”.

It has been 10 years since Li first came to Malaysia to further her study. In 2013, she obtained Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with First Class Honours from UCSI, then followed by Master of Corporate Communication in 2016 from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) before going back to China and getting employed at Zhong Zhituo Internet Company as part of the Marketing Department staff. At the same time, she also worked as a Journalist for Jiao Zuo Broadcasting and TV Station before coming back to Malaysia. She got herself enrolled in CITYU for the Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration) program.