07 Jan 2020

Nowadays, cupcakes are no longer just desserts but a canvas to test your artistic skills and creativity. To polish the skills, City University recently organized a cupcake decorating workshop for teenagers before 2019 ends.


The workshop was held in City University’s pastry kitchen on 28th December 2019. Participated by 15 high school students and free admission, our Chef Rachel Yong who recently received award-winning pastry in Selangor international Culinary Festival was in charge as the instructor of the workshop.

City University Malaysia offers cupcake decorating workshop begins by baking a few signature vanilla cupcakes and help the participants to master the art of baking a perfect cupcake, as well as different piping techniques to dress it up.


Due to the fixed measurements in each cupcake batter, and the time spending in prepping for the supplies and ingredients, the workshop turned out great, and everyone had fun decorating their cupcakes

“This was an excellent, practical, useful, interesting, supportive, fun, enjoyable, and super-high quality class. The best. I would recommend this class to ANYONE who loves baking and cake decorating!”

After the workshop has ended, all the participant managed to bring home a few baked cupcakes which decorated amongst themselves. Looking at how the students enjoyed the workshop and positive feedbacks and encouragement received from parents, City University plans to organize more pastry workshops in the future.

“I am so thankful that I was able to take this class. It changed my whole orientation towards baking, which in turn my creativity, increase amazing knowledge and gained new exposure!” said one of the participants.

All the participants were provided with a certificate of participation to encourage them to attend more workshops like this.


“This course is an investment for life.”


By Nurul Asyiqin Jaafar

3rd January 2020