19 Feb 2020



As we grew older and becoming busier with our daily routine, sport is one of the most natural means to get fit by doing competitive physical activity aim to maintain and improve health. For students, sports are one of their way to release stress after-class and one of the way to have fun with friends. But to have the opportunity to play sports and represent lots of activity and still having fun with it is a blessing in disguise.

Andreas Gouthaman A/L Kanabathy was born and raised in Kuching, Sarawak on April 11, 1995, in a humble family with a father works as policeman and mother work as a caterer making him very ambitious and hardworking to be successful for his family. Having a friendly, positive and good sense of humour made Andreas loved by many. He also believes that friendship is one of the most important values in human life, making him appreciate friendship and people around him.

Andreas first came to City University Malaysia after seeing the opportunity and benefits for the student to grow and develop skills and knowledge for critical thinking and the connections to drive forward in a career. Little did he know that actively playing sports in CITYU would honour him the University Colours for Sports Awards.

Got involved in football since he was a kid, he developed a passion for sports by continually playing with friends back at home, and that passion keeps on burning brighter and proves people that playing sport is not just all having fun and loitering around.

His most significant achievement was winning the gold medal on behalf of IPTS Malaysia for SIPMA by Majlis Sukan IPTS Malaysia. Other than that, he also took part in few tournaments including Kejohanan Futsal Masiswa, Futsal Anjuran Open University, Kejohanan 9 Sebelah Selia, Melaka and Piala Bardhan.


Studying at CITYU gave him a lot of memorable experiences. Through CITYU, he met and got acquainted with lots of friends from different races, religions and cultural backgrounds. He also developed a ready-to-help attitude, and this enables him to socialize and make good connections with the staffs and lecturers.