22 Oct 2017


5 Interior Design Students of City University, Malaysia Were Selected by MIID As Finalists In The ‘Garis 20 Satu:6’ Presentation at The Prestigious Reka Interiors Exhibition (RiX) 2017


KLCC, Oct 22 - The Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID) selected 5 designs artwork of City University’s students from the Faculty of Architecture & Built Environment (FABE) majoring in both Degree and Diploma in Interior Design Programmes for final judging in the ‘Garis 20 Satu:6’ presentation at REKA Interiors Exhibition (RiX) recently.


Among the 18 Malaysian private higher institutions which favoured the ‘Garis 20 Satu:6’ presentation and over 100 designs submitted, only 30 designs were put forth for final judging at RiX 2017. Traversed head-to-head with other top-notch contestants, City University is proud that MIID singled out 5 designs to champion the University out of 10 designs laid forward by the students.


Alya Syafiqah, a final year Diploma in Interior Design student of City University of Malaysia, presenting before MIID judges on her design, JARINGAN, incorporating the 3Cs concept - collect, connect, and combine


Alya Syafiqah, a final year Diploma in Interior Design student stated “I was caught by surprise! I never expected that my design, JARINGAN, would make the cut. Nevertheless, I am grateful for an opportunity and honored to represent City University in this prestigious event”. Her fellow classmate, Ng Kar Shin, added “That jittery feeling you get whilst presenting before industry professionals were worth the experience. You get to find ways on how to gauge your confidence which many students nowadays are lacking”.  


Acknowledging the student's’ embarking on journey to success, Mr Muzamil Mutalib, a lecturer at City University of Malaysia from FABE stated “We are proud MIID had their eyes on our ID students’ work for ‘Garis 20 Satu:6’ Design presentation.” “The preparation had been done one year in advance. It was a gruelling yet exciting process as we had to ensure our students are prepared both physically and mentally able to deliver their very best in meeting the industry standards”, added him.  


The ‘Garis 20 Satu:6’ Design presentation, a sub-programme incorporated in RiX 2017  was solely dedicated for the education sector. According to Ar. Chris Yap, President of MIID, “The presentation was not merely to pass judgement on students’ creative work but to accord them with first hand experience in linking the concept generation and execution of a quality design versus the industry’s reality - market demand and what is readily available.


The inaugural REKA Interiors Exhibition (RiX) was an event under REKA Design Week 2017 ran from 19th -22nd of October 2017 occupying Hall 5 of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Held concurrently with the popular HOMEDEC (part 1) with “Design Infinity, No Boundaries” as the event theme, RiX served as the rendezvous for design connoisseurs, professionals and fans to enjoy collections of carefully curated leading brands by exhibitors. The result of the ‘Garis 20 Satu:6’ Design presentation will be announced on 11th of November 2017.


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