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  • We maintain the high quality and competency of our programmes by benchmarking with other well known institutions in Malaysia
  • Our wide range of networking contacts in the industry could lead to possible job opportunities for students
  • We are recognised by the Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists (SIET)– meaning our students are eligible to register and work as professional engineers in Singapore
  • Course delivery by our team of highly-qualified and industry-specialised academicians, with consultancy and mentoring to improve learning (one-to-one basis)
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Education Pathway

Gold Programmes

This course is concerned with the designing, manufacturing and analysis of various types of machines and mechanical systems. It focuses on grooming more professional Mechanical Engineers that are filled with scientific knowledge to solve challenges and design systems in automotive, power generation, aerospace and manufacturing industries.
This is an excellent program that provides a solid foundation which involves project design, constructions, finance and process management. All these play significant roles in most of the world’s famous landmarks where civil engineers are required to improve the built environment now and into the future.