Doctor of Philosophy in Sport Studies

(N/1014/8/0001) (MQA/PA 15469) 04/2029

Sport Studies is an interdisciplinary subject area and is defined as the study of physical activity undertaken with the objective of promoting physical and mental health, recreation, sport performance and aesthetic experience. This programme was developed in collaboration with relevant industrial partners and has received positive feedback from participating organizations across sports and recreational industries.

This PhD programme is an excellent opportunity for students to pursue their research career in the sport studies domain, while increasing knowledge, learning new skills and developing abilities as a researcher. With a wide range of topics to be explored, our PhD program provides research-specific training, academic writing, lectures, seminars, career management and presentation skills. At the end of studies, students is required to submit a written thesis and attend a viva-voce examination. Upon successful defence of the paper, the candidate will be granted a PhD status.

Duration of Study

Full-time: 3-5 years | Part-time: 4-6 years

Credit Hours

By research

Career Prospect

•    Coaching/Training/Fitness
•    Fitness/Health/Wellness/Sport/Event Consulting & Advisory
•    Consultant/ Fitness Personal Trainer
•    Sport Performance Analysis
•    R & D (Researcher/Research Officer
•    Sport Sales & Marketing
•    Business Marketing
•    Education (Lecturer/Teacher/Curriculum)
•    Sports tourism officers

Subjects Offered

•    Research Methodology
•    Dissertation

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