Doctor Of Business Administration (DBA)
Course Information
• January • May • September
Credit Hours
62 Hours : 100% research component of 45,000 words
Duration of Study
3 - 4 1/2 Years
Programme Description

The Doctor of Business Administration is best described as a research-based management program that is aimed at enhancing managerial. It is also an opportunity for candidates to make a significant, original contribution to the business practice. It is building a reputation for success, measured in terms of the high completion rate for DBA candidates. It is a professional doctorate for managers who are able to research their topic of interest that translates into a meaningful study so that their knowledge is contributed and makes a difference to the business society.

• A recognised Master of Business Administration degree or any other Master qualifications approved and recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia

• Minimum of 2 years relevant working experience at the supervisory, executive or management levels

• A good command in English Language, both written and spoken

• Marketing

• Accounting & Finance

• Strategic Management

• Information Technology

• Knowledge Management

• Human Resource Management or any aspect of business

City University

  • Innovations In Entrepreneurship

  • Advanced International Business

  • Advanced Marketing Management

  • Seminar in New Business Ventures 3

  • Advanced Business Strategy and Policy

  • Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility

  • Seminar in Creativity and Innovation Management

  • Advanced Studies in Financial Institution & Capital Market

  • Advanced Business Research Method 1

  • Advanced Business Research Method 2

Dissertation 1

  • DBA Dissertation Seminar

  • Preliminary literature Review

Dissertation 2

  • Topic Selection

  • Literature Review

Dissertation 3

  • Data Collection

Dissertation 4

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation

Dissertation 5

  • Dissertation Preparation

Dissertation 6

  • Dissertation Defense

• By Research

• Coursework

• Assignments

• Online Interaction

• Class Presentation


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