Vice Chancellor Forewords


After being 33 years in the country's higher education industry, City University achieved various shifts and success. Dedication and determination to be the best in the private higher education industry, has been motivation and commitment to us at City University, to move forward in line with the government's intention to make the country as a hub for higher learning in the region.


In addition, the citizens of City University, with tireless efforts and initiative received recognition of the university status from the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).


Through our eight faculties, City University offers 64 programmes which can be selected by the interested public. This includes the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Business, the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies, the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, the Faculty of Art and Design, the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism, the Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment, and the Faculty of Technology and Information.


City University also offers Pre-University programme such as the Foundation Programmes (science, information technology, business and arts), and the Cambridge A-Level programme.


In the meantime, City University with the collaboration of various parties including the City Education Group offer the education scholarships for eligible students to study at City University. This includes Pro-Chancellor Scholarships, Vice-Chancellor Scholarships and Dato 'Zaini Scholarships. The main criteria for selection of students based on their excellent achievement in academic, leadership and sports.


Realizing the importance of industrial relationships, City University has established a strategic collaboration with various industry players including the field of hospitality and tourism, media, engineering, entrepreneurship and business, building and so on.


City University has collaboration with Vatel, an international business school hotel and tourism management from France. This collaboration has realized the establishment of Vatel Kuala Lumpur located in the campus of the City University.


To date, City University has succeeded in producing more than 20,000 local and international graduates. Today over 25% of the total number of our students are international students. I hope that with this enrolment it can translate our commitment to support the government policy to achieve the figure of 250,000 of international students by 2025.


With over three decades of experience in higher education, we at City University believe and are capable of producing quality graduates and meet the industry requirements. Thus, your career pathway begins here, at City University.


“Soaring Upwards”



Prof. Ir. Dr. Noridah Ibrahim

Vice Chancellor City University