The faculty was established in 2009 which consists of two departments, i.e. Department of Education and Languages and Department of Communication and Liberal Studies. Faculty of Education & Liberal Studies focuses on developing language proficiency and communication skills in the field of education (i.e. English Programmes), Public Relation, Advertising and a broad range of Communication Programmes. It is a great milestone, that today the faculty are proud to offer good academic programmes with the highest quality such as Bachelor of Education (Hons.) in TESL, Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in English and Professional Communication, Bachelor of Communication (Hons.) in Journalism, Bachelor of Communication (Hons.) in Corporate Communication, Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons.), Diploma in Corporate Communication, Diploma in Mass Communication and Foundation of Arts along side with the Intensive English Programme. Armed with top notch and experienced academicians, the faculty aims to produce graduates who are able to compete and excel amongst other graduates in the field.